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    I honestly lose it when people tell me that I’ve had a huge impact on them.
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    Complimenting my intellect/efforts/innovation usually does it for me.
  5. nottherileyyourelookingfor answered: If someone he/she respects compliments their intellect/thought process-ie “The way you figured out the solution/answer to X is intriguing”
  6. thoughtsofandrew answered: Having a ESTJ twice my age tell me he was ready to follow my lead. Even though INTP’s don’t generally like leading, who it was meant a lot.
  7. thepeartreearchy answered: Someone appreciating a theory of yours or, (with proof and genuine intent) noticing/complimenting your intelligence.
  8. villainandacrown answered: Telling me that I’m intelligent/smart/inventive/etc.
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    Being told I’m wrong and explaining why in a thoughtful manner. My reaction on the rare instances where this occurred: I...
  10. yanderesquared answered: "You’re interesting." …Well, I’ve had my share of persons of interest and been one to someone else. It’s more fun than normal socialising.
  11. bobwai answered: My friend once told me, “you’re crazy. You’re smart, but you’re crazy.” I appreciated it very much
  12. robolynxx answered: Somebody called me an enigma once. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a compliment, but I took it as one.
  13. anatomyofaburnout answered: discussion
  14. doctormagikarp answered: "You’re right" lol.
  15. bypassreality answered: "your intelligence is turning me on."
  16. doublejay11221989 answered: being called “weird,” or “eccentric” :)
  17. dontbmistaken answered: Trust. When someone trust your opinion without questioning
  18. queerregina answered: Complimenting their intelligence, but saying they have original thoughts. Or, just listening to us.
  19. une-femme-sauvage answered: An exclamation of “You’re so infuriating!” as I hand their asses back to them after “winning” a heated discussion.
  20. amanexists answered: "I’ve never met anyone like you." That, or when someone compliments the way I think, and has thoughtful reasoning to back it up.
  21. cuntubus answered: personally, when people recognize my abstract way of thinking.
  22. doctordangerous answered: To be complimented on intelligence in an intelligent way…not just being told “you’re smart” or “you’re clever”, but explaining why and how.
  23. imaurel answered: Ah, I typod first try! An actual* authority figure complimenting my work or attitude.
  24. imaurel answered: An actualy authority figure complimenting my work or attitude.
  25. mauvaispoumon answered: To be considered constantly amazing, and something of continual interest. When genuine interest is shown in me, or the things I care about.
  26. aribar answered: Feeling understood. I don’t like direct compliments that much, because I’m bad at receiving them. I care more about the person’s actions.
  27. scootiefruitie answered: To be described as seeing things the most objectively?
  28. godless-prophet answered: I’m not sure if such a thing exists, as we are a skeptical group and doubt much that is not supported by fact (i.e. opinions and the such).
  29. muncheechee answered: non-direct compliments, try to be witty with your flattery, and acknowledgement is vital.
  30. tomboyheiress answered: You’re so smart! And unique! And no one would ever realize how much fun you are unless they got really close to you!