"Whether the chicken crossed the road or the road crossed the chicken depends on your frame of reference."
— Albert Einstein.

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Questionwhere can i take the test for this? I don't think i'm INTP anymore and I keep getting deadlinks @@ Answer

This is the one I usually throw at people because it’s quick, clean and easy.


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QuestionIs depression common in the INTP? Answer

Depression is common in depressed people.

I think too many people these days think they’re depressed, when really they’re just bored.  There have been some interesting studies done lately that indicate people living in first world countries are more likely to be ‘depressed’ because we have so little to strive for.  Too many people are without the necessary motivation to lead successful lives.  In more impoverished places people are motivated by their will to survive, here, in the first world, we don’t have the same kind of intrinsic motivation.  Rather, we don’t have to use it, and so with our most primitive instincts being rendered quite obsolete we become ‘depressed’. Or just bored. 

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QuestionI'm an INTP (obviously, as I follow this blog) and it seems as though I'm some sort of ENFP magnet. A majority of my friends are ENFPs, and they all have super interesting personalities. They're not "popular" people, but they're the cool, outgoing, quirky ones that everyone loves. And they seem to flock to me. Has anyone else experienced this? Answer

I tend to have people flocking away from me.

Anyone else? 

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Questioncan you do a post on how to seduce an intp female Answer
  1. Find an INTP female (this is the hardest part)
  2. Talk to her about one of the following topics (this part is even harder because INTPs don’t speak)
    a) quantum physics
    b) Star Wars
  3. Get married. (easy part)

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QuestionHow strong do you test for each of your 4 traits, I, N, T, and P? Answer

Introverted (I) 75%
Intuitive (N) 82%
Thinking (T) 95%
Perceiving (P) 73% 

These are actually the original numbers from my first MBTI evaluation.  They’re the only numbers I’ve given a grain of salt because I took this before I knew what the MBTI was or had any biases on what I was doing (I was like… 9 or something)

Questionykyaintpw you don't understand why people cry at films Answer

I think I cried over a movie before…
Probably because I was upset that I would never be able to experience those kinds of raw emotions first hand.

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Questionis the fact that intps tend to be atheist in itself prove that god doesnt exist? Answer

I don’t believe its possible to prove that something does not exist.  It would be a logical fallacy to make any sort of absolutist claim.  So I don’t think it is correct to say that there is proof of the non-existence of a God.

However, NT (rational) types do have a higher tendency to be atheists.  As for me, I’m not religious, that’s for sure.

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QuestionIs it considered INTP behaviour to laugh out loud at one's own thoughts?( Cuz I do that, often, and it makes me seem semi-sane.) Answer

Introverts are known to talk to themselves more than Extraverts.  Not exactly the same thing, but same grounds.  I suppose it’s just a self-awareness thing, or lack thereof.

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QuestionI'm an INTP and I'm studying Business Management. I laugh at myself all the time. But I just don't feel belonging anywhere. Answer

Have you been everywhere yet?  
How would you know if you don’t belong somewhere you haven’t looked?  

Take some time and find some place where you’re comfortable and don’t feel you’re always working to fit in.  If somethings right, it’ll just fit.

Questionjust wondering: are these actually, specifically intp traits? i feel like they could apply to other people as well. Answer

Is it really possible to create posts that relates exclusively to a group of questionably legitimate, self-proclaimed, socially retarded doorknobs who could all be rocket scientists if they chose to actually pick up a pencil, make themselves presentable and get outside for a change?

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Questiondo you think that intps get obsessive easily? over a particular subject, or a person etc Answer

On the short term, yes, all the time.  INTPs are easily intrigued by things that they don’t understand.  We’re driven by a constant search for better understanding of how things/people/the universe/stuff works.  
So if something comes up that’s new and interesting an INTP is bound to jump right into it and completely immerse themselves in it.  That is until they feel they know enough about it and let it pass by the wayside and move onto something else.

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Questiondo you think law is a good option for an intp? Answer

I haven’t studied much law, took a high school course in it, so I don’t have much appreciation for the likeness of it beyond the basics of the classroom.

It is an interesting area though, you ought to be clever if you plan on doing well.  There’s a decent post here on precisely this topic if you’re interested.